SAFE is a non-profit association of volunteer instructors with a common purpose of promoting safe, ethical hunting as a way of life and the shooting sports as safe, worthwhile forms of recreation. The volunteer is the backbone of our efforts and is recognized as such in a meaningful and rewarding fashion. Any money gained or earned is used for furthering these objectives.



  • to educate people involved in hunting and shooting sports so they behave in a safe and responsible fashion
  • to instil in the hunter a sense of values and code of ethics that reflect the expectations of society
  • to increase participation in hunting and the shooting sports as a way of life dedicated to the conservation of our natural resources


PO Box 3147
Regina SK S4P 3G7
PHONE: 306-352-6730
FAX: 306-352-6765
S.A.F.E. is located at 869 Argyle St North.